Piece of the Pie Environmentalists

Piece of the Pie Environmentalists

It has been a few months since I put something in here and so it is time.

I have heard a lot lately about people who want to invest in renewables.

Renewable energy most prominently. This has given me pause, as it seems that the problems we are facing are much more severe than anything that can be helped by an alternative energy source. What is going on is so far past solar panels and wind turbines and electric cars. We are facing (A big crash of thunder) the near term extinction of the human race and you want a solar panel and a Prius. Really?

This has brought me to my knees. I have never in my life experienced such abject depression and so complete a lack of faith in humans. If the things that are going on around me are any indication than there truly is no hope.

The Orange Retard has done his job and anyone who thinks, for even a moment, that the damage he has perpetrated can be reversed by putting a few bought and sold democrats in office is beneath contempt.

I have been to Indivisible meetings and I have been to Resist meet-ups and I have been to meetings of The Citizen’s Climate Lobby and all I have seen is the “Protest and a Coffee” crowd. The people that go to these meetings, while apparently well intentioned, are not even close to the mark.

Instead of beginning the process of forming communities and gathering together resources and changing everything about their lives they are pretending to care, which in my opinion is worse than not caring, they are pretending to feel anger and pretending to want to help and pretending to fight all the while they are dismissive, arrogant and so full of themselves that they can’t see the problem when it is right in front of them.

They are not the future. They are not going to save anything. they are not effective in any way. But they cannot be told this because they don’t really care. They want everything to be alright. They want everything to go on as it has just without the bad stuff. They certainly don’t want to stop driving or going out for coffee or shopping at Sprout’s or Whole Foods or the local Farmer Market.

The issue is that they are as addicted as any oxy swilling hillbilly only their drug is industrial civilization and no one is going to come along and point that out, no one is going to try to get them into rehab because everyone else is just as addicted.

So, pull up your socks, strap on your helmet and do say goodbye to your children and let them know that all the pathetic, worthless things you did, you did for them.

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