Guess what Humans? You Can’t Save Shit.

Guess what Humans? You Can’t Save Shit.

There are so many solutions out there. According to this article in The Scientific American we can do things like move closer to work, stop cutting down trees, although I can not remember the last time I cut down a tree, forego fossil fuels, and one of my favorites Infrastructure Upgrade.

The problem with these solutions and any of the others that we as a species come up with is that they are not going to do a bit of good. We have fucked this planet every which way and, like a textbook case of abuse, we now feel kind of bad and want to make it right.

… but we can’t fix it. It’s like a five year old pouring sand in the gas tank of the family car there is no way, no matter how clever the little bugger is, that he will be able to repair the damage.

That is where we are at. We broke it and no matter how clever we want to think we are we can not fix it.

Like my two favorite non-solutions; the Prius and the re-usable grocery bag all your science and all your king’s men can not put Humpty together again.

So open your eyes, open your soul (if you have one left), own what you have wrought and then please, for the sake of all that is good and holy, Die Off.

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